Information concerning selling and buying kittens

  • the kittens may get to their new home at the age of 13-14 weeks
  • every kitten is two times dewormed, twice vaccinated, neutered, chipped and has a passport
  • the kittens are healthy, toilet-trained and well socialized
  • they receive a kitten pack which includes dry food, tinned food, cat litter, toys etc.
  • every kitten has a pedigree
  • kittens, which are bought as pets, are sold spayed/neutered
  • the official contract contains the rights and duties of both contracting parties including the guarantee concerning any hereditary disease
  • we sell breeder kittens only for registered and responsible catteries

These are the things you need to have before you bring a kitten home:


If you need further information about buying a kitten, please don't hesitate to contact me:

Tiffany - Seal Colorpoint Ragdoll